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My name is Keith Huddle and I own Keith's Bee Service.  I am a beekeeper in Central Texas.  I have been in this business since 2001.  I am trying to increase my hive numbers using wild hives.  Wild hives can be aggressive but re-queening can be done which can alleviate the problem.  I offer removals from homes and other structures in an effort to gather hives.  I believe this is a beneficial service to both parties as removal is the best way to take care of any bee problem. Bees build hives inside soffits, subfloors, walls, under mobile homes and pier and beam homes.  My goal is to remove the hive without damaging your home.  In my short 6 years I have developed techniques and methods that allow me to remove most hives without visible damage.  

If you have a bee or wasp problem or a honey bee swam / hive you need to have removed, contact Austin TX Bee Removal. Keith is a bee removal expert with over 8 years of experience. Bee removal is about removing the bees, not killing them and removing all the honey and honeycomb that the bees created, no matter where the bee hive is located.


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